Candelabra Estoscerro NES demo released by Sly Dog Studios

Sly dog studios are releasing Candelabra Estoscerro for the NES

The game is called Candelabra Estoscerro. The demo version of the game is free to download and it is playable on any device that runs NES emulators. It can also be played on an actual console, if you use a device like the Everdrive N8.

candelabra estoscerro gameplay

Screenshot of Candelabra estoscerro

Candelabra Estoscerro is a dungeon crawler RPG styled game.

Unlike other dungeon crawler games Candelabra Estoscerro will be much faster paced. The developers decided to do this, because many NES gamers today don’t have as much spare time as we used to when we were kids. Also some people don’t like spending too much time level grinding. This will allow the game to be played by a wider audience.


Battles will use both NES controllers.

One controller will be for attacking and the other for defending. This opens doors to a whole new level of game play that previously wasn’t possible with NES games. Double the amount of buttons means double the amount of moves. Unfortunately this will not be natural for most gamers, but after some time playing Candelabra Estoscerro you will get used to it and it will become second nature.


Sly dog are giving away 2 more free NES games.

The games are called Meteor Guard and Pong: 1k2p. Meteor guard is an arcade style game where you are a space ship and you have to shoot the meteors before they crash and destroy the world. Pong:1k2p is just like the original pong with multi-player support. The aim of the game is to get as high of a score as possible.


When is the official release date?

At the moment the release date is still unknown, but if you keep checking sly dog’s official site I’m sure they will eventually announce the date. The official version will be a physical game that you can add to your collection.