Everdrive MD V3 released by Krikzz

Everdrive MD V3 finally released

The Everdrive MD V3 has been updated by the Famous flash cart developer Krikzz.

Everdrive MD V3

What is different?

The Everdrive MD V3 closes the gap between the Mega Everdrive and Everdrive MD slightly. The loading time has been shortened. Before this update the times ranged from 5 to 10 seconds to load each game. This doesn’t seem so bad, but when you desperately want to play the game these few seconds seem to last forever.

The everdrive MD V3 now uses a battery to store save games and is supported by a lot more clone consoles like the RetroN 4, the Atgames Arcade Classic or the Magistr Drive. This is good for people who either can’t afford or don’t have enough room for the original hardware.

After pushing the reset button you are now returned to the the main menu. This is much better than before where if you pushed reset in the past you would be playing the exact same game again.

The greatest upgrade

is the ability to load the OS From an SD card. This makes it really easy to update the operating system and now anyone can update it without needing any expensive or dangerous tools that could break the cart.

What can we expect to see in the future?

No one really know other than Krikzz, but my predictions would be that there will be a similar update with the other flash carts. Increasing compatibility with clones and making it easier to use in. The only problem I can think of with these updates is that if you bought a Everdrive MD V2 or V1 in the past, then you would have to buy a completely new Everdrive MD to get the benefits of the upgrade. For first time buyers this is some great news and this will hopefully bring more people into the retro gaming world!