Groovybee flash cart for Intellivision system announced

Groovybee a developer from North England

Groovybee announced on their Atari age thread that they will be releasing a new flash cart for the Intellivision system.

Groovybee flashcart title screen

This is great news for Intellivision fans and collectors.

There has only ever been one other flashcart for the Intellivision ever in existence and it went out of production a few years ago. Many gamers missed the opportunity to purchase a Cuttle cart 3. This cart also has fewer features than the Groovybee flash cart.

The Groovybee uses Micro SD cards

in most of the common formats, so there won’t be any headaches of having to format the card before setting it up. The menu looks like your standard flash cart menu and unlike similar products the it allows long file names. You won’t need to guess what file you want to play.

It is still in its early stages

It is looking like it could be a really impressive piece of hardware. Like most flash carts it looks like a must have for any hardcore fan of the Intellivision. It is also great for gamers that want to know what games are good and bad before investing lots of money into buying physical games.

Flash cart pins

Flash cart pins

What is still to be done

Save and load game feature still needs to be added. It is still unknown whether it will have a snapshot save state system. The ability to load games from the Micro controllers flash memory looks great and more games and will support more games because of this. The file manager will also look a lot nicer with the finished product. Another innovative move by Groovybee is to add a USB port to the cart, so it will also be able to be used for a USB thumb drive.

The Retro Sent team wish the groovybee flash cart good luck!

Source: Retro game network