Pokemon red full color rom hack released

Pokemon Red full color has been added to pokemon red

The generation 1 pokemon games were originally designed for the black and white 1989 Gameboy original. This meant that when playing pokemon red on a game boy advance the colors were shades of red. After the release of generation 2 pokemon games. The gen 1 graphics didn’t look as good as they used to. Thankfully today a legendary team of rom hackers have created pokemon red full color.

pokemon red full color title screen

pokemon red title screen

The sprites have been updated

The sprites for every pokemon in pokemon red full color look exactly like the sprites found in pokemon gold, silver and crystal. This is a huge improvement, because some of the sprites in the original gen 1 games didn’t look very detailed. There is also plans for an option to change between rby and gsc sprites whenever the player wants to.

The HP bar is now colored

Not only will it make the beeping sound when you are low on hp, but now it is also colored in red. When you have half the hp it is now colored yellow. When your sound is turned down you will now still be warned when your pokemon is close to fainting.

It gives you another reason to play pokemon red

The great thing about awesome rom hacks like Pokemon red full color. Is that it gives us an excuse to play these old great games that we otherwise most likely not played ever again.

The rom isn’t perfect yet

Even though this rom is awesome there is still room for improvement. It tends to crash a lot when using the VBA emulator, houses sometimes change colors when leaving towns and colors mess up when using certain items. It is unknown whether Drenn will continue work, but if he does then hopefully he will add the ability for day and night like in gsc.

Drenn has told us that he won’t be making any changes to the gameplay and his hack is just for enhancing the graphics.

red jumps over a ledge

red jumps over a ledge

If you wish to download pokemon red full color please click here.

Thanks retrocollect for bringing this update to our attention.