RetroN 5 release date finally announced

The RetroN 5 release date has finally been unofficially announced. The popular retailer Amazon has said the release will be on the 10th of December 2013 and will be priced at $89.99.

Amazon is the first to have updated the RetroN 5 release date, but I am sure that more resellers will do the same. Hyperkin hasn’t yet confirmed that this is the correct release date. The original RetroN 5 release date was mid summer, but now summer is over, so if they do release it on 10th of December,  they should have more than enough time to finish all the work on the console.

RetroN 5 release date


The RetroN 5 is a mixture of the Genesis, NES, Famicom, SNES, Game boy Advance and game boy color. All of these consoles have been merged into one machine and upscaled to 720p HD. If you love the classic games, or want to get back into playing them and either don’t have the time, space or money to find, store and buy the original game consoles, then you might like this console. Another great thing is that when playing old consoles on LCD HD TVS the quality looks poor, but with this the picture looks a lot clearer.

It also has a save state feature. This lets us save a game where ever we want. Now instead of leaving the game console on all night and waiting until the next day, before continuing the game. We can now just save state turn the console off. Wake up the next day and load state and play where we left off. Also when games are too hard to complete without the save states it can make life a lot easier, even if it is similar to cheating.

Since the update about RetroN 5 release date there hasn’t been a lot of new updates, but it does have Classic controllers support! Unlike the Wii U, Xbone and PS4, the RetroN 5 actually has backward compatibility with controllers and supports original NES, SNES, Genesis controllers and other accessories like the light gun, SNES super scope and rapid fire controllers. This is something the big 3 console companies could learn from. They are also including a Hyperkin styled wireless controller, but this probably won’t even be half as good as the Official Nintendo or Sega controllers.

Like what has been said earlier in this article the current RetroN 5 release date is the 31 October 2013 and can be bought from the following retailers.