SNES Pixel art controllers announced by Hyperkin

Hyperkin announces the SNES Pixel art controller

The SNES Pixel art controller may look like a novelty item for the shelf, but really these are very comfortable USB controllers built for playing games. The edges of the controllers are rigid and not smooth. This has lead a lot of people to believe that the controllers will not be comfortable, but Hyperkin has said on their official youtube channel that they would never release an uncomfortable product and many people have already felt the controllers at events like E3 and every one thought they were comfortable.

snes pixel art controller

The SNES pixel art controller is in the style of a Super Nintendo controller

They are for use on a PC or a Mac. They work with roms, emulators and any PC game that supports a USB controller. The only downside I can see at the moment, is they don’t work with on original Super Nintendo. Maybe in the future some day a modder will mod these controllers, and allow them to work with the Official Super Nintendo!